Ural Motorcycles
Ural motorcycles - snow drive
Ural motorcycles - motorcade

The Ural story began in Germany in 1939. Today Ural is a very exclusive and personal machine with a long and dramatic history. Ural motorcycles carried Russian soldiers, military officers in World War II and UN soldiers in various parts of the world. Over three million bikes have been manufactured to date.

Ural Motorcycle - Sahara - rightside
Ural Motorcycle - Sahara - frontside
Ural Motorcycle - Sahara - leftside

Ural is now privately owned by a US business team who holds the majority of the company’s stock. But even today, Ural motorcycles continue to be manufactured, although for a much more exclusive rider. Despite the high demand only two to four thousand bikes are handmade by the people of Irbit each year, and only a few hundred motorcycles are imported into the US on a yearly basis. The factory proudly provides a 2-year warranty and because you are supposed to ride Ural motorcycles everywhere there is no limitation on mileage during the 2-year warranty period.